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Do It Yourself Gold Butterfly Cone Favor Box

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1.Lay out all the materials you will need for this project.

2.     Take one of the Ivory Cone Favor Box and start assembling it toward the center.

3.     Put about 12 pieces of almonds inside the box.

  1. First close the box.  Next Glue two top taps together with hot glue.

CAUTION: Hot melt glue gets hot!

5.     Grab about 10  inches of the 5/8" gold metallic nylon wired ribbon and fold it into a bow.  Then tie it off by forming a knot in the middle.  Cut the ends of the ribbon evenly to make it look neater.

6.    Grab the ivory 4mm pull bow ribbon.  Measure approximately 1 yard (3 Feet).  There is a white string in the middle of the bow.  Firmly grasp the string and pull the rest of the bow to start creating the loops as seen on the bow.  It should produce about 12 loops.  You should now have a beautiful bow.  Cut the bow from the ribbon and tie off the  two white string (one from each end) to hold the bow in place.

  1. Glue the gold ribbon onto the top of the favor box.

CAUTION: Hot melt glue gets hot!

  1. Glue the ivory bow onto the top of the gold ribbon bow.

CAUTION: Hot melt glue gets hot!

9. Glue the gold rhinestone decorative butterfly onto the top of the ribbons,press surfaces together within 15 seconds and wait for the glue to dry. CAUTION: Hot melt glue gets hot!

Congratulations.  Here is how your finish product should look.

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