9 1/2'' Wicker Baby Carriage - Baby Shower Centerpiece White


Looking for decorations for a baby shower? Use these adorable Wicker baby Carriage. Visually compelling, they can also be embellished with flowers, plush toys and/or balloons. They can be placed as table centerpieces, on guest book tables and so forth.

Measurement:  9.5 Inch Height, 9 Inch Long, and 4.5 Inch Wide

Item number: 250209W

Please be informed that our products are handmade, they may be more delicate compared to mass-produced items. Sometimes, during shipping, slight bending or misshaping can occur. To address the bending issue, we recommend gently bending the item back into its intended shape.
If you encounter any difficulties or have concerns about restoring the item, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you.

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