24" X 100 Feet Centerfold Clear Shrink Film Wrap Roll


Give your gift baskets or items a professional look with this easy-to-use shrink wrap. 

It makes the perfect look for commercial product packing or daily packing, perfect for a gift box, shoes, soaps, candles, cosmetics, books, plush toys, and more. not only provide product good appearance but also protect it from dust and dirt, convenient storage and organization. PVC shrink wrap has a crisp, cellophane feel. Low odor, high clarity, and the best film available!

Simply wrap your items with the plastic, then apply heat from a heat gun or hair dryer to make the plastic shrink to fit your items.

Measurement: 24" X 100 Feet

Centerfold: Film is folded in half & wound on the roll. When unfolded, a 24" wide roll will open up to 48" wide.

Item number: SW24100C

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