Hot Melt Glue Gun

Where would a crafter be without a glue gun? Glue guns are the mainstay of the crafting world, making thousands of projects possible. They work with materials ranging from paper and lace to wood and metal. It is inexpensive to get started, and with glue sticks readily available, using a glue gun couldn't be easier to use.
How Glue Guns Work
A glue gun is a hand-held tool into which you feed a solid glue stick. A heating element in the body of gun melts the glue, and the adhesive flows out the glue guns metal, cone-shaped tip.
Bonds to:
Some Metals
Dries in 60 seconds for bonding jobs:
Artificial Flowers
Craft Projects
Furniture and Woodworking
Carton Sealing
Made in Taiwan
USE 1/2" X 4" or 10" GLUE STICKS ONLY
Item number: 5732

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